Sunday, 4 September 2016

#226 - be inspired by where you come from & #227 - be inspired by a pinned colour scheme

What?!? Two posts in one day. Could this be the start of something new? Lisa managing her own prompts within the week? Maybe. Let's take it one prompt at a time :-)

But as soon as my August Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit, Sundance had been made up - late as always - I could see that several of the colours from WM#227's colour scheme were included. So I used the Adobe Capture app to create this palette.

The orange and pink tone came out a little darker than I had planned but when I looked at my kit, I had almost everything I needed to match. I tracked down some deeper aqua alphas and made up this mini page kit to inspire me.

The top design is the b-side of the teal balloon paper from my kit and in the end, I used both sides. I also changed out the pocket page card and the doily while I was making the page but all in all, the kit seemed to give me everything I wanted.

So then I decided to tie up the colour scheme with WM#226 from the week before which was to be inspired by where you come from. I've made several pages about being British, or my home town, or my adopted home country and town so I decided to go for a different interpretation. About me.

Following on from my Forgeries on the Fourth post over on my blog (here) I decided to dip the main word of my title to soften the colour of the woodgrain letters. I like how they came out even if the paint dried a little textured.

A little gold and aqua ink tied in with the other colours on the page.

I also added in a small amount of twine at the last minute to add a little more texture and detail.

The journalling is personal and therefore hidden. I don't normally journal in blue but I forgot and just used the pen in my hand. And I really messed up some of the writing itself so I may change out that card for another attempt at better journalling! The photo is one of the selfies I took in my 30 Days of Selfies challenge back in April. It was good to get another one used up.

So there you have it: two prompts on one page and right up to date. I am in love with this page and am so happy that I pushed myself to get it done while I had a quiet afternoon.

We love it when you share too and you can do that at either of our Whimsical Musings groups which can be found at Flickr (here) or over at Facebook (here). Whichever is better for you is great for us. We will find you! Tag your layouts with WM#XXX so that we know which prompt you followed.


  1. Gor-juss! Stunner of a photo & a lovely mix of product that beautiful but definitely STRONG with those alphas - a TOTALLY successful counterfeit that I like better than the originals!

  2. This is just gorgeous. The inspiration piece is, as well. WTG-that twine was such an inspired addition! Your texture is always phenomenal. Also those dipped letters are extremely beautiful!! Wonderful job, Lisa. :)

  3. You have every right to be in love with this page. It's absolutely amazing!!! It's gorgeous!

  4. I have some of those exact papers sent from you and Pam, I believe. I know I've used them in parts and am pretty sure some scraps remain. Loving that tissue confetti you included here (and in my package).
    Such a beautiful layout...such a beautiful YOU!


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