Monday, 8 February 2016

Let's Celebrate - Whimsical Musings #200!

At last it's arrived! 

Our 200th prompt. 

And we are celebrating all week so you need to check in every day to see the latest inspiration and find out about prizes that can be won!

Who would have thought when Pam and I first had an idea back on 1st August 2011 to give each other a weekly prompt that it would still be going 200 ideas later. Things have changed a little over that time, most significantly because Pam is living THE life in NYC and has taken a step back from creating for the time being, but the principle is still the same. We give you ideas, you take them and run, then hopefully share.

Oh and we still miss you Pam - hope you come back to us at some point! 

However, the community here is small but fiercely loyal and friendships are firm. But that doesn't mean we don't want to share what we have and we'd love to see that group grow with like-minded creative peeps! 

Which is why we've been working in the background (thanks Sherrie!) to set up a Whimsical Musings Facebook Group too which we think might appeal to some of you more than the Flickr group as well as improving our chatter! Let's see how that goes. Just go here and ask to join! The more the merrier!

But first, what about a prompt?

This week I'd like you to be inspired by your favourite previous prompt!

You can find the full list of inspiration ideas at the top of the page using the "Whimsical Musings Previous Prompt" tab. In fact, there are more than 200 already because during our WM#100 celebration, there were actually 6 different "100" ideas. In my book, that makes 2005 (including today's) starting points for your page.

I decided to get ahead of the game and make a layout to kick off the celebration.

I have a print out of all the prompts and really want to go back through them to catch up on those I've missed over the years. But this time, WM#105 - the Midas touch caught my eye which will no doubt not surprise any of you!

I went back to a Counterfeit kit from last year, Rejuvenate which debuted in May, and made a layout about the Philippines using all the blues and aquas in the kit with some splashes of gold. I love it when a kit works as well as this one!

The photo on the layout is washed out, over exposed and not very clear, but it brings back every little detail of standing on the beach at Boracay. I can almost feel the sand between my toes as I write.

Which of the last 200+ prompts will you be inspired by this week? We can't wait to see which direction you take.

 As always, if you do create we'd love to see so don't forget to share over at the Whimsical Musings Flickr gallery here with two tags - one for the original WM#XX and one for this week's celebration WM#200. The WM#200 tag is important as there will be prizes to win this week.

I'll share more about that during the week but I can give you the tip that commenting here on the blog and creating layouts will give you more and more chances to win!


  1. Many congratulations on a fabulous achievement. I'd like to say I would join in (maybe I will!) - as ever, a gorgeous bit of gold for your quadruple 50th ;) and a Lisa layout just wouldn't be the same with some sprinkle!

  2. Congratulations on 200 - woo hoo!! Your layout is just stunning - all those pretty shades of blue work so well with the shimmery gold. Lots of pretty details too, like the blue star pin and the gold thread. I'm off now to print out the prompts so I can choose one for a layout...

  3. WooHoo! 200th prompt, WOW! What a great accomplishment. Congratulations and keep them coming. 😜

  4. Let me add my congratulations - 200 weeks is simply fabulous - what creative staying power you all have!! I'm off to check out the many prompts to choose from. Congrats again!!

  5. Congratulations on 200 prompts! An amazing achievement! Off to join the FB group and download the list and get scrapping!

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  7. Congratulations on reaching this momentous milestone. Thank you for inviting me to the party!

    Isn't it exciting to take a less than perfect picture and turn it into a masterpiece? Your combination of colours and textures pull out the best of the photo.

    This layout is so dreamy. It make one pause to take a deep breath and exhale slowly at the photo invites you to feel the warm sand under your feet. I can almost here that lap of the waves. Thanks for the mini vay cay break.

  8. CONGRATULATIONS - I will try and join in a bit more from here on in!
    Gorgeous page - just the right amount of sparkle for such a peaceful location.

  9. Congratulations! 200 prompts, that's so much inspiration that you've shared. I love your sample layout too, elegant and beautiful!

  10. Oh cool! What a fun site :) Congrats on the milestone :)

  11. Congratulations! 200 prompts, that is amazing. I thank you for being such a source of inspriation. I look forward to many more prompts from Whimisical Musings.

  12. Congratulations! 200 prompts. Wowza! I will check in again this week and try one of the prompts.

  13. Whaaahoooo! Congrats that's fantastic :D

  14. Congratulations Lisa and team for attaining this milestone.

  15. 200 Prompts! Hooray! Congrats and great job! <3 Katrina

  16. Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment and for all the inspiration and encouragement you have shared. Can't wait for the next 200!

  17. Congrats Lisa! You are an amazing, inspiring, creative and loving soul! I'm so glad our paths crossed all those years ago and continue to do so! Cheers to 200 and 200 more <3

  18. OOOO What a fantastic LO!! And congratulations on 200!!


  19. So happy to be part of this celebration...still in awe of 200 prompts...and those are some pretty thought provoking prompts! Your LO is stunning...those colors are "take me away" colors!


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