Monday, 2 November 2015

Challenge #190 week of 2nd November 2015

It was Halloween weekend and while it's not that heavily celebrated here in Germany, there is plenty of evidence of it around and we were even invited to dress up and go along to a mini-party.

But although Halloween isn't a German "thing", it is a must to decorate your home as the seasons change and this time of year is all about the pumpkins - mini, large, white, orange, bright yellow or knobbly and green! Of course, I like to add a bit of glitter or metallics into the mix and enjoy bringing  both traditions together with some Halloween influences.

Some years, I carve pumpkins (can't for the life of me find the photo of my crowning carving glory but maybe I can track that down for my layout!) and generally, as the layout below shows, it's all about the details.

You know that I don't just want to give you All Hallow's Eve as inspiration, but rather the more specific pumpkin or Kurbis as we say round here.

So this week, be inspired by pumpkins.

Of course, that could encourage you to scrap a page about the 31st itself ...

Or you might like to be inspired by these gorgeous decorated pumpkins I found on Pinterest - use them as a design on your page, even make you own and then feature them on a page or maybe go in the direction of colours and form.

Pinterest find here

Pinterest find here

Pinterest find here

I hope you had a wonderfully spooky Halloween and I'd love to see your shares over at our Whimsical Musings Flickr gallery here with the tag WM#190.

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