Monday, 31 August 2015

Challenge #182 week of 31st August 2015

Where have I been? You might well ask and the truth is, right here at my computer. But busy working. The end is in sight but it got me thinking about our prompt in relation to the activity I was undertaking.

I've got some work translating from German to English. There's quite a lot of skill involved but also a lot of interpretation and creative thinking. So why not use this as a challenge for us? Not the German to English bit! Just the meaning of the word itself.

Be inspired by translate


verb (transitiv or intransitive)

/trænsˈleɪt/  /trænz-/

to ​change words into a different ​language
We were ​asked to translate a ​list of ​sentences.She ​works for the UN, translating from ​English into ​French.

to ​change something into a new ​form, ​especially to ​turn a ​plan into something ​real: So how does this ​theory translate into ​practical ​policy?The ​ways of ​working that he had ​learned at ​college did not translate well (= were not ​suitable) to the ​world of ​business

to ​decide that words, ​behaviour, or ​actions ​mean a ​particular thing: 
He ​mumbled something which I translated as ​agreement.

I hope you agree with me that there are many, many ways to take this prompt and really run with it. I'm thinking literal translation, problems encountered in foreign countries, learning languages at school or foreign words you use in your own environment. Then there's more creative translation, the realisation of plans, how you understand something, how you relate to words, what you think when you travel and can't speak the language. So many directions. I can think of a list of a dozen pages at least - if only I could get around to scrapping more than a handful of pages per month :-(

As always, we love it when you share your creations over at our Whimsical Musings Flickr gallery and don't forget to tag it WM#182 so we can track you down!

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  1. Love this! A cerebral prompt always leads me down interesting avenues. (Or is that boulevards? Esplanades? Lanes? Byways? hehe... )


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