Monday, 27 April 2015

Challenge #168 week of 27th April 2015

Every now and again, I like to look at the calendar to see what days are being celebrated either where I am, or in fact, anywhere else around the world.

And ... apparently on Friday 30th April, it's National Honesty Day in the US.

According to what I found online, "on this day, anyone participating may ask any question they choose and the opposing person should give a truthful and straightforward answer." Simple, huh?

So, this week, let's be inspired by honesty.

How could you interpret this prompt?

You could take the definition of Honesty Day above and ask someone some questions and note down their answers on your page. 

You could think about the things you know to be true such as my layout below that was created as part of LOADs some years ago.

Maybe it's time to tackle one of those more "difficult" topics, being honest with yourself for example. And for this, there are many ways of keeping those thoughts private such as under vellum or in a pocket.

Or would you like to give your child or someone you know some specific advice or your honest point of view on a "tough" topic.

You could make a "truth" list like my 100 little things I love about my husband

Or how about dealing with a topic that was a little sensitive in the past but has turned into a bit of an in-joke over the years. Again, no need to have all those words out on view if you don't want them to be.

Where will National Honesty Day take you this week?

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