Monday, 8 December 2014

Challenge #149 week of 8th December 2014

We spent another Saturday up at the retreat.
Because we had unexpected sunshine & above-freezing temps we got a lot done!
The main task was to rehab the old firepit.

Once we get a cabin built this will be the view from the porch.

The large paper white birch on the left has been dubbed "The Chandelier".
We will be making our own map of the property & this will definitely be a landmark.

On the drive up I was looking at this book:

So many amazing paper artists! 
And all inspired by trees.

Peter Callesen "Fall 2008"

Su Blackwell "2014 - Migratory Words"

Cindy Ferguson "Crows in a Tree"
Yuken Teruya "Corner Forest"
Rob Ryan
Casey Ruble
Perhaps you will try a bit of dimension as some of these artists did? Or sharpen
your scissors & fussy-cut! I brought home some birch bark to work on an album for
the story & progress of our new retreat, so that will be my tree inspired project.

I made this page awhile back for WM Prompt #138 inspired by the same spot of woods.
I hope YOU can find some inspiration from trees!

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