Monday, 1 December 2014

Challenge #148 week of 1st December 2014

I love it when the first of the month coincides with the beginning of the week and this month is no exception. How wonderful to have 1st December fall on this Monday and just one day after the beginning of Advent!

It's a big tradition here in Germany to have an Advent wreath with four candles for each of the Sundays leading up to Christmas and even on those years when we've not had a tree, there's been a huge, gorgeous wreath to brighten up those cold, dark December evenings.

There's been many different colours and this year's is a rather rich shade of gold. But we've had pinks and blues and silvers too. The wreath must match my decoration colour scheme of the year so I guess I will be going with a lot of gold this year!

So, this week, I'd like you to be inspired by Advent itself or Advent wreaths.

I went on to Pinterest and pinned some wreaths or Advent candle arrangements I found particularly pretty or inspiring onto the Whimsical Musings Pinterest board so why not check it out to see if you can find something to kickstart your creative process? And don't forget to follow us while you're there!

It would be lovely to see your creations over at our Whimsical Musings Flickr gallery with the tag WM#148.

Have a wonderful start to the week everyone and hope to see you again next week :-)

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