Monday, 11 March 2013

Challenge # 81 - week of March 11, 2013

So from time to time we ask you to focus on a certain type of product or trend. And those prompts are exciting because they get stash used up...

But what about our tools? So often we make an investment in our tools (which aren't ever cheap) just to forget all about them and let them collect dust. 

Here are a few layouts to give you a hint at which tools I am referring to...

In case you didn't guess it, those tools are PAPER PUNCHES. This week's challenge is intended to make you break out those expensive (and often big and bulky) punches and use them to fill up a page. Believe it or not they are the main element on each of the pages above and with just a few basic shapes I get so much variety. The punches I used above are: large circle, small square, butterfly, small circle, tiny flower and decorative edge. With just those 6 punches I was able to create these very different layouts and this is just a small sampling of my use of them (and my obsession with collecting them). 

So dust yours off and try to use them in a new creative way. The price of this tool will only be worth it the more you use it. Use it to create your own patterned paper, masks, grid layout, layered embellishments, decorative border or fill up a background.

Can't wait to be inspired by (and probably copy) how you use your paper punches. Here's hoping I don't end up with more in my collection.


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