Sunday, 27 November 2011

#15 Inspired by being grateful {for us}

I really wanted to take this opportunity to take my own challenge to heart and create a meaningful layout. Last week I challenged us all to create about one thing you are grateful about yourself. I took my time all week really examining my life.

Then on Wednesday I started noticing a theme - I am a positive person. I find the silver lining in almost every situation. It all began with 2 birthday cards I got from co-workers. They each mentioned how I bring sunshine/happiness to those around me. I thought it was funny that they decided to highlight this and it left me thinking. Then as the pressures of the busy Holiday weekend built up and tempers flared and traffic kept me from getting to places on time... I noticed that I was able to maintain my general cheeriness and find a positive spin to place on everything.

But enough about me! Here is my creation based on my introspection -

I really do hope this week gave you the opportunity to reflect a little about those things that make you YOU-nique. Even if you were too busy to create, I hope you keep this prompt with you and re-visit it at a later time. It is important to document our gratitude and it is also important to realize what makes us great. And trust me, we are great. Whenever you do create, remember to add it to our flick'r gallery with the tag WM#15

And I guess I'll close with another statement of gratitude - So very grateful for this little community of online friends that encourage and inspire me to create. Thank you sincerely.



  1. I love everything about this page - it's full of energy and fun! I keep meaning to join in but life has been too busy at the mo.

  2. Pam - Love the LO. I'll post a comment over at the Flickr group but in the meantime I stopped in since I'm posting my LO later today (not light enough for a photo yet), and I thought you might have up what you made :) LOVELY. As always, inspirational. Love the colour.

  3. I really adore the multicolored leaves! This is such a fun and funky page. It makes me feel happy!

    I wanted to stop by to say thank you very much for following the Counterfeit blog hop to my blog. I appreciated the visit!

  4. I need you on tap here by my side to give me some of your positivity when I need it the most :-)

    what a fab layout and so you. I love it all and it's perfect for the theme.

    Glad to have you making me smile in my life ;-)


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