Wednesday, 26 February 2014

#108 inspired by more...

Picking through the list of Whimsical Musings prompts (see the full list in the page tab at the top) I saw "#108 be inspired by more..." and knew that I had to make a page around the idea of more cuddles or needing more cuddles from one of my nieces or nephew. And it just happened to tie in with the LOAD214 prompt "Myth: Inspiration only comes from other scrapbook pages".  Combining it once again with my Counterfeit Kit Challenge kits, this time my November kit, Comfort (lo#5), the layout almost made itself!

Another set of photos that I've "stolen" from Instagram of sweet Phoebe but I especially loved that all three feature her cuddling the soft Steiff bear/bunny we bought her for Christmas. You never know with children if they will bond with the soft toys you buy for them although there is always the hope. Lucky for me, she loves Hoppy and drags him along behind her very often by the look of it. So the photos had a common theme and I tied that in with my rather kitsch title for this page.

I messed up the journalling but that's quite a frequent occurrence during LOAD when I try to be clever and just write something down and then it comes out all wrong! However, I keep all my pages for LOAD separate and at the end of the month, go through them to make sure that they are finished off - tape over brads, staples and thread on the back; journalling written or rewritten; information on the back of the page about creation date, challenge etc; additional extras added or even page tossed (yes, one of my October LOAD pages ended up in the round file after the photos were salvaged for another go). This time around, I had a little time at the weekend to go back over a few pages I was a little unhappy with and redid the journalling block on this one straight away - done and another older WM prompt ticked off the list.

We'd love to see your creations for any of our prompts over at our Flickr gallery (here) with the tag WM#XX (for the prompt number).


  1. Super cute page and I agree I love the pinwheel

  2. Great layout, love all the layers, such sweet photos.

  3. This layout is so cute. I like the pinwheel.

  4. More pinwheels, hurray. And I'm totally impressed that you keep using your prior kits too.


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