Thursday, 13 June 2013

Challenge # 93 - Week of June 10th, 2013

Well hello, hello.

It's you again. And I delighted you have decided to join us.

Things (and by things, I mean my life) have been all kinds of hectic recently. Adjusting to my new life has taken quite a toll on my crafting, blogging and other routines. 

In the grand scheme of things, I feel that is perfectly normal. But it certainly made me feel a bit nostalgic for my old "everyday". Which brings me to an important lesson and the prompt for this week - we need to document RIGHT NOW often. I've done "my everyday" pages in the past...

hello roomie

but the every day constantly changes...
celebrate the ordinary

yep, i'm gonna totally miss this

and it is those changes and real bits that we are trying to capture on our pages...
(for example, the fact that I no longer nap every day... in fact I rarely have time).

So document your right now. Your everyday. The little things that make up your (maybe) monotonous life because it will be fascinating to look back at it. And speaking of looking back - remember to add it to our gallery with the tag WM#93.


ps: hopefully everyone is having a great week.

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  1. great prompt. my everyday these days is so different than it was even just a year ago. I'm so happy that I managed to get a few of these types of layouts done when I was teaching. I'll have to have a think about what aspect.


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