Monday, 3 June 2013

Challenge #92 week of 3rd June 2013

I've been caught on the hop today and didn't have a prompt ready to go. Not that I don't know that it's my turn every second week - ha ha!

But I gave it some thought and had a peek around the internet and found something that made me smile.

On my personal blog, I have a widget that lists holidays and birthdays for each day. When you click on it, you are connected to a gift site but they give a bit of background to each of the holidays (and birthdays) listed.

Well.... today, 3rd June 2013 (and every 13th June in fact), is... Repeat Day.

I read what they had to say:

"Repeat Day is a day to do something over and over again. Just keep repeating, preferably something that you like to do. A good idea would be to choose a snack that you enjoy. Repeat eating that snack over and over again. You should avoid things that you don't like because you don't want to keep repeating something that is not enjoyable." (source here)

Why on earth we need a special day to do things we love over and over again I'll never know and the fact that they needed to warn us that we shouldn't choose something we dislike to do over and over again makes me realise that there's a lot of dross out there!

But... Repeat Day. Do what you love over and over and over.

So that's my challenge to you. Take an element of your page design, subject matter, paper choices, colour selections - whatever you love, and repeat it. At least once. Bonus points if you do it more than once!

I know that you all know I love the stacking

the clustering

 and the tying up with string.

Pam loves the doodling

the bright colours

and the quirky mixing up of papers.

If you look through the gallery you will find many many examples of these features. We repeat things all the time. It makes us happy. It makes sense to do what you love and repeat it. Let's do it!

Don't forget to share over at Flickr (here) with the prompt WM#92. Can't wait to see all that repetition!

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