Monday, 3 June 2013

#91 inspired by washi

I really have way too much of this stuff. And somehow anytime I see it, I find a pattern I don't yet have and need to have it.

So this was a great opportunity to use up some stash.

I have filled up a background with washi before, but I decided to make a rainbow just for fun. And I love the results. Absolutely no patterned paper on this one. And this pink, purple, teal, green color combo has to be a new favorite.

But I also wanted to try something new, so I made a bunch of strips of these washi tabs. It's hard to appreciate the texture from this view, but trust me, it is exquisite. 

So there you have it. That is how I use washi. How did you use washi this week? Can't wait to see it on the gallery (just remember to tag it WM#91).


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