Sunday, 23 June 2013

#94 inspired by doilies

And another week goes by. And not a lot of creative time but just enough today to make two layouts - go me! I've been alone since Friday evening for the first time for weeks and weeks and weeks which is a nice feeling and yesterday I kept myself busy painting my craft room and rearranging some furniture so you can expect a little peek of that on my blog sometime soon. So today was the christening of the new layout. Mmmm, not so sure but the room isn't finished yet so I will reserve full judgement.

But the two layouts? They made me happy. And isn't that what it's all about?

I asked you to fish out that pile of doilies that I'm sure you have in your stash. Or your doily stamps, papers, dies, tape, ribbons or anything inspired by doilies. And get creating.

I love this trend and have to stop myself using them too often. They make an appearance all over my creations and I pick them up in bulk from my bakery department. I'm not at all worried about acid free but if you were, you could just keep them away from direct contact of your photos.

I picked up a new pretty design and decided to match them up with my new June Counterfeit kit, Personality, which has been sorely neglected this month with all the chaos and little creating. But what a pretty kit so the addition of the doilies was perfect.

Personality lo#2 - please excuse the poor photo, it's late and the light is bad.

I was inspired by this Pinterest find (here) and made a border of confetti. Lots of pretty colours and hearts 

I used doilies in their normal form as edging but also as a photo mat and used doily tape too

I have used confetti a couple of times recently and Lynette asked me how I did it so I will put up a post on my blog in the next days - so simple but so much fun!

Hope you enjoyed prettying up your layouts with delicate doillies and we'd love to see your creations over at the Flickr gallery (here) with the tag WM#94


  1. That is an unusual doily shape, I love it matting the photo.

  2. It seems like a baby girl layout wouldn't be complete without a doily! Still loving that confetti. I'm sure I can figure it out, but I always love to hear your thought process :) Sending you a hug!


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