Sunday, 10 March 2013

#80 - inspired by vellum

As you might have guessed, I love vellum. I've been using it from the very beginning and have enjoyed finding different ways to use it on my pages.

I think I could find dozens of pages from the last few years using vellum in various ways and one of my favourites is mini envelopes for my journalling or confetti, or as fluttering butterflies across the page.

But then I remembered this layout from back at the beginning of our WM time...

and remembered the lovely effect of the vellum over the photos. I decided to do a lift of myself. I have a small selection of vellum that I just pick up from the stationary department and was pleased to find that I had a large peachy coloured square and some smaller pieces of regular white. I had an image of what I wanted to achieve in my mind and the double of the same photo one of which would be behind the vellum matched this exactly. It's rare that what was in my mind appears on the page so I'm really happy with this one!

I used my March CKC kit, Disconnected (LO#3) for this

I tried to find as much as I could for layering up

Soft colours with just the odd pop

I used a ready made brown bag as the place for my hidden journalling

I love the way that you can still see what is under the vellum but the effect is soft and dreamy. I also really like the tint that this peach piece gives the rest of this very neutral coloured layout as well as the vellum helping to link into the title with the photo partially hidden.

What will you be doing with your vellum this week?

Hope to see your layout in the Flickr gallery with the tag WM#80.


  1. INCREDIBLE page! Looooove how you used vellum to mute elements on your page. WONDERFUL work!

  2. Wow! What an innovative way to use vellum! I never thought to use it to give the page a sort of hazy reflective background look. Very cool technique!

  3. Love your original layout and I love the new one!! I just pulled out quite a bit of vellum from my stash to have a go at.

  4. Velum adds so much mystery! Great use of it with those nature photos.

  5. I don't have much vellum in this stash but I'm going to see what I have left, as I love this effect! Soft and dreamy as you say. Lovely layering too. x


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