Monday, 1 May 2017

Challenge #255 - week of 1st May 2017

Ok, enough!

Enough of the missed weeks. Enough of not completing my own prompts. Enough of blog neglect (both here and my own blog). Enough. I have to do better...

If you are reading this, then you haven't given up on me and for that, I'm grateful. Thank you for being here.

So, how about a new prompt for this new month and my new resolutions?

How about enough?

This week, I'd like you to be inspired by enough.

How could you interpret this prompt? Well, you could take it literally as always.

What do you have enough of in your life - in a positive or even a negative way. What is enough? Or maybe what isn't enough? It could be physical things or emotions, feelings or thoughts.

You could establish what is enough for your page in terms of supplies, words, photos or colours - set a goal before even thinking about the topic of your page and see how you get on.

You could use products that you have more than enough of - ahem... my BasicGrey collection is just such an idea!

And here's something I can never get enough of... fresh flowers in my home.

Some ideas to get your May Day brain whirring.

I'd love it if you were still playing along.

We'd love you to use this prompt and hope you will share your creations - there are now two ways to do this!

You can either upload your layout into the Whimsical Musings Flickr gallery with the tag WM#255 or you can post it in our Whimsical Musings Facebook group. We've decided that we'll save albums for special occasions so just load up your photo to the group with the tag WM#255 in the write up text so that we can find it.

If you are still reading, and still playing... let me know!


  1. I'm still reading your prompts and have ENOUGH scrapbooking supplies to scrap them all!

  2. As you know I've been sick for awhile, but am keeping up with my notes on what the prompts have, well, prompted me to scrap! My hope is that you will continue, but only if it isn't too much of a burden. XO

    1. Hi Leslie-so sorry to hear this. I'll keep you in my prayers.

  3. I'm still reading, and am still contemplating your ideas/prompts! I love the WM prompts and Blog and still go back and redo those that keep on speaking to me. PLEASE continue Lisa! I love WM. :) xox ~ Ali


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