Monday, 28 March 2016

Challenge #206 week of 28th March 2016

Well, yesterday was Resurrection Sunday!

  So much of the Spring/Easter seasonal decor & fashions
 showcase... Polka Dots!

I found a few past layouts featuring this classic pattern. I was surprised to notice
how much the size & order of the dots impacts the mood of the design.

The uber-orderly arrangement makes it read almost as a rainbow stripe.

Confetti-style = FUN!

GINORMOUS (and bright) is another way to say "fun"!
Sheer & orderly with a tear through to the image beneath - a mystery revealed!
Glittered edges really pops these dots!
As above, these dots with patterned centers add some extra interest.
A somewhat subtle color lends texture to the background.
The small size of these dots give a little movement to the page.
Document something from your celebration this past week & be inspired by polka dots!

Don't forget that there are two ways to share:
Tag your photo with the challenge number WM#206 so that we can find them. 
 more than 200 inspirational ideas to get you scrapping!

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