Thursday, 23 October 2014

Giveaway prize!

When I posted at the beginning of the week, I promised that I would draw the name for our relaunch giveaway and here it is! Better late than never.

Because I was a little late, I included any layout uploaded to the Whimsical Musings Flickr gallery since the beginning of September - right up to today. I also included Julene's layout which is on Flickr but she doesn't seem to have been able to get it into the gallery. (If you are reading this Julene, get that layout in the gallery so everyone can enjoy it!)

There were a total of nine layouts...

All the names were folded up and put into a little basket so I could pull a name fairly.....

Tadaaaaa! Leslie - your R+R layout is the winner! So please expect a little prize to be heading your way as soon as I can get something in the post for you :-)

Because Leslie is also helping out around here and because I'm feeling generous this morning, I decided to pull a second name too to spread around the giveaway love.....

... Congrats to Julene! Julene, contact me with your snail mail address and I'll get a little something in the post to you as well. It's even more important now that you get your layout into the Whimsical Musings Flickr gallery too!!!

I'm off to my weekly crop this evening at my wonderful LSS, Scrapabilly, so I'll be picking up some bits and pieces for these giveaways which is always a lot of fun.

Come back soon for more inspiration!

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