Monday, 25 November 2013

Challenge #111 week of 25th November 2013

It's our birthdays this week!

Well, mine was at the end of last week and Pam's will be at the end of this week. As fate would have it, we are exactly a week apart (eh hem and a "few" years! LOL).

I've tried to come up with a birthday prompt but with a whimsical touch the last two years. After all, as you know, we are ALL about the whimsy round here ;-)

So let me think. We had prompt #16 - be inspired by an aspect of your birthday not usually considered, and prompt #66 - be inspired by star signs....

Now, I happen to know that Pam will be celebrating a particularly noteable birthday this year so that is where I am going to take you with this prompt.

Be inspired by a "special" birthday - be it a round number; one that stands out in your memory from your childhood; finding out you share your birthday with someone famous or exceptional; a birthday when you received an extraordinary present; the year your day fell on a particularly rare date combination.... I could go on but the choice it yours. But it has to be especially remarkable!

We'd love to see your birthday creations over at our Flickr gallery (here) with the tag WM#111.


  1. Not sure yet where I might go with this, but I have some great vintage childhood birthday photos begging to be scrapped.

  2. I didn't participate on this prompt the first go around, but I will definately be posting something along these lines soon. Love it!


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