Monday, 2 September 2013

Challenge #101 week of 2nd September 2013

**We've had a few layouts trickling into the Flickr Gallery for our 100th prompt celebration and it would be wonderful to see more. So, check out the 6 WM#100 prompts to see if something appeals or even one of the previous 99 prompts. You have a chance to win one of the two prizes featured in this post (here) for each layout you upload. It keeps the party going so it would be wonderful for you to join in**

But how about moving on with the prompts? Are you ready to kick off the next 100?

1st September marks the beginning of a Shimelle class I first signed up to in 2006, shortly after I first started scrapping. I've recently rediscovered my love for Shimelle's work and having joined her class once, you get lifetime access and can join in every year if you like.

I haven't done that since the first year but when the reminder email came in the other day, it got me thinking. The class is "Learn Something New Every Day" and the clue to the class is in the title. A month long reflective class creating a mini-book, journal or series of pages throughout.

I might just do it again this month - I think I've come a long way since that first mini book (which was pretty much a copy of Shimelle's book here below) ...

Which brings me to our new Whimsical Musings prompt.

Be inspired by something you have learnt today (or yesterday or this week or last year - you get the idea).

It can be something deep and meaningful, something silly and whimsical, something you've known all along and just got a reminder for, or something that's hit you like a bolt out of the blue. Scrap one lesson learnt or a whole list of them (tie them in with the 100 prompt and come up with 100 perhaps!)

It's September which for most of us reminds us of "back to school" so let's get learning.

Happy Monday everyone and here's to the next big WM celebration. And don't forget those prizes!


  1. Great challenge Lisa - I have learned so many new things over the past few weeks, it would be hard to narrow down and pick just one! :)

  2. "Joy is a child with a bubble machine."


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