Monday, 19 August 2013

Let's Celebrate - Whimsical Musings #100!

We are in the mood to celebrate and I'm thrilled that you are here to join in on the fun.

And the reason for all this festivity? It's the 
Whimsical Musings 100th prompt 
and we want to mark this milestone with a whole lot of celebrating.

Welcome to all of you, whether this is the 100th time you've visited or the first. Whether you are a regular scrapper of Whimsical Musings challenges or if you have responded to Lynette's promotional campaign :-)  (thanks Lynette!). We are happy to see you here and hope that you find something to appeal and inspire.

First of all, I'd like to tell you what you can expect this week as for the first time ever, we will be posting every day and hope that you will find a whole lot of inspiration and ways to join in.

I'm going to kick it all off today with the first (yes, I said first) 100 based prompt and an example layout I've made for it.

Then there will be five (yes, I said five!) Whimsical Musings friends who graciously agreed to be Guest Designers presenting their own prompts based on the magic number 100. They've all made layouts too - so we are already up to 6 prompts and 6 layouts for you. Not bad, right?

Then I'll be back on Sunday for a round up and some ways for you to take these prompts and make them your own.

And how can you join in? Well, you can drop by every day and cheer on our Guest Designers. You can go over to our Flickr group and let us know your thoughts on each of the prompts or share your own ideas. You can comment right here on each of the blog posts (and you KNOW how we love comments!). You can create your own 100 prompt layouts and link them up in our Flickr Gallery. And best of all, you can have two (yes, I said TWO) chances to win some rather lovely scrappy goodies.

If you create a layout (or in fact any project) based on one of our "100" prompts and link them up to the Flickr Gallery (here) using the magic tag WM#100, you will be put in a draw for the following luscious selection of Maggie Holmes for Crate Paper:

And if you are inspired to go back over our previous 99 prompts and create a project, you can link that up in our Flickr Gallery (here) using the tag WM#XX (XX being whichever prompt you are following). You will then be entered into a draw for this delightful groupings of MME Collectable items:

Now I know that summer is a busy time for all of us so I'm going to give us all 4 weeks to create and link up - so be sure to link up before 16th September to be in with a chance to win.


Now that I've given you the full low down on the week ahead, let me officially kick off the fun by presenting the first 100 prompt.

Be inspired by... centenary celebrations.

I knew right away, as soon as I thought about prompts around the number 100, that I wanted to have one about a centenary celebration. A few years ago, my old grammar school held an open day to all "old" girls to celebrate the centenary of moving into the gorgeous building that I was always in love with - even when I wasn't in love with school. I met up with some of my class friends and we gossiped and laughed all day. As if the last 25 years had never happened. I was thrilled to get the photo that I've used on the layout.

The funniest thing was that we all associated ourselves with our class letter, "S" and our little class clique was immediately there again - even after all those years.

WM#100 - Be inspired by... Centenary celebrations
I used my Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit, Escape for this happy memories page. Loved all those bright colours and whimsical elements. 

So, have you got a centenary celebration that needs to be recorded at all? Now is the time to get that story down, link up over at Flickr (here) and use the tag WM#100-1 for the chance to win those Maggie Holmes items.

Please let us know you dropped by, have a glass of bubbles on us and come back again tomorrow for the first of our Whimsical Musings Guest Designers.


  1. Lisa, what a lovely way to start us off! I just adore your fussy cutting and that Memories bingo card. Perfect for your trip down Memory Lane. Here's to 100 inspiring prompts (raising my glass to you). Cheers (clink, clink)!

  2. This is just lovely Lisa!! Now my wheels are turning.....hmmmm.....what could I do for this challenge. My thinking cap is on. I am indeed here from your promotional director Lynette :). She's done a great job promoting. I didn't even know about this challenge blog, now I'm looking forward to joing in :)

  3. Well, look at all the fun you've cooked up now. I can't wait to see what pops up in the gallery. The layout is fabulous - I love the handcut flowers and then the journaling tucked up so perfectly in the corner.

  4. Looking forward to this week of inspirations. Congratulations on reaching your 100th prompt!

  5. What a milestone! Congrats to you guys! I'm excited to play along with all these amazing challenges!!

  6. Congrats on 100 prompts!! I love you ladies and love seeing what you are doing over here! Looking forward to a fun week ahead!

  7. fabulous layout, and congrats on 100th

  8. Very nice, I just stumbled upon your sight from another blogger mention and look forward to seeing what you all do

  9. Congratulations on 100 posts.I'll endeavour to do something although I need to think back for a Centenary celebration.

  10. Take a bow! As I was looking over all the past prompts I was inspired all over again :~D What a fun week we have in store for us - full of creativity and, dare I say, whimsy? xo

  11. This is gorgeous! Love the way the Baker's twine & floral accents wend their way thru the LO... Beautiful colours too! Congrats on 100 posts! WOW!
    ~ Ali

  12. Congrats on the 100th post ... gathering inspiration from this lovely site!


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