Monday, 15 July 2013

Challenge #98 week of 15th July 2013

Morning everyone.

So, it would appear that I can get a prompt up but not much else right now!

I managed to fulfill my new DT kit commitments recently, but no other scrapping has been possible. The list of catch up prompts is getting longer! But all the more fun for when I DO have time but need some inspiration. He he!

I'm thinking that everyone is busy. It's summer and I certainly notice the difference in my mail box, the galleries, the DTs, pretty much everything.

Not that life is any different for me in the summer - no time off or holidays planned for us :-( !

What has been different for me is the constant trail of (welcome) visitors to my door the last three months! There has hardly been a weekend when there hasn't been an international visitor (or three) or a returned loved one needing my attention for as long as I can remember. It's been amazing to see everyone and we've had such fun just hanging out, not doing a lot except eating, and just catching up. There are a few photos and many memories.

So this week, that's what I'd like to inspire you... visitors, house guests, sleepover friends or pj party mates... however you want to take it is fine by me!

I have a BIG family (for current times) and now the next generation has started, it's getting bigger. And every member (but one) has been to visit at least once in recent past. And hopefully, the last sister, BIL and gorgeous nieces and nephew will pop in next month for a few days. So that means I have SO much inspiration for this one. Let's see how I manage.

I wanted to include a photo for this post but can't find one suitable! Let me just add a happy snap of a visitor to my balcony last summer..

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  1. I have the perfect photos to scrap for this! Have missed my WM fix, but just posted a catch-up page :)


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