Monday, 8 July 2013

Challenge #97 week of 8th July 2013

What a weekend it's been round here.

We are by no means big sport fans but it's been nothing but since Thursday.

Being British, no summer is complete without Wimbledon and first there was a lovely, young, fresh German girl who had knocked out one of the Williams sisters and then went on to win her semi-final with great pazazz making her the first German in the finals of Wimbledon since the heroine of German tennis and everyone's darling, Steffi Graf.

And then, with the hopes of the nation on his shoulders to make British sporting history, Andy Murray won his semi-final game to get to the final for a second year in a row. So we were all set up for a possible German ladies' tennis win on Saturday and a possible British men's win on Sunday.

And if that wasn't enough, it was the German Formula 1 with Sebastian Vettel (German) in pole position hoping for the first European race win for two years. Phew. It was enough to make you tired just thinking about it.

In the end, young Sabine Lisicki was outplayed by French Marion Bartoli but charmed the crowds all the more with her emotional fight to the end.

And Andy Murray? The boy did good! He won the Wimbledon Men's crown for the first time in 77 years! Not since Fred Perry won in 1936, if you can believe it, has the home crowd had its win. (Just for info, the last ladies' winner for Britain was 1977 which is still an awful long time ago!!)

And Seb Vettel won his race too so there was really something for everyone round here and we all felt very emotional and patriotic.

For a non sporty househouse, that's not all bad.

So, with a nod to this monumental weekend, I'd like to challenge you to be inspired by sport!

Make a sporty page, make a page about your love for a particular team, be inspired by team colours, the layout of the court/pitch/place even.

Take this inspiration to the winning line!

Don't forget to share over at Flickr in the gallery with the tag WM#97.

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