Monday, 18 February 2013

#78 week of 18th February 2013

It's been a few weeks since I was here to share my prompt but I was happy to make Pam happy and swap her week so that she could have her odd numbers back! While I too am more a fan of odd than even, I was used to my even numbered prompts and you know how it is with a routine :-)

Anyway, it's Monday and I hope you are all well and ready to get going with more creating. 

With LOAD underway (and yes, we are all still missing Pam over there), it's been lovely to see some of you combining daily creativity with some of our older as well as current prompts and of course, I always love to see those Counterfeit Kit Challenge kits being used up. So I hope that you are inspired this week to use my starting point.

After Pam's amazing mood board last week full of bright and happy, I'm taking you along the blue spectrum to think about things or people you miss.

I'm spending waaaay too much time alone right now due to regular inter-continental business trips which leave me on my lonesome back here in Germany. And that means there's a whole lot of missing going on round here. 

With Valentine's Day last week and too much time on my hands to pour over Pinterest (I can't seem to get off that at the moment!), I came across this and it just spoke to me:

Pinterest find {here}

As far as my heart goes, it's very true.

As ever, take this prompt and make it your own. It could be light-hearted or serious, about real people or things in your life or maybe even a favourite TV character or childhood toy. It could even be something in the scrapbooking world. Take it whichever direction you like, you know that we love it when you find a new way to interpret our prompts.

So this week, be inspired by things or people you miss and don't forget to share over at Flickr {here} with the tag WM#78.

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  1. hmmm.... i am feeling very nostalgic lately. is it fair game to scrap about things we WILL miss... or know we would miss... that's where my mind is at right now. nice change up. I needed a story based challenge.


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