Sunday, 24 February 2013

#78 Inspired by people we miss

It seems like Lisa and I are completely in sync these days.

I have been feeling super nostalgic. probably for different reasons than Lisa's but still this prompt was perfect to get some of those thoughts and feelings out in the open.

I always say that scrapbooking is my form of therapy. So today you get two layouts - one so serious and one so silly.

the oh-so-serious might not look any less happy than the silly in terms of colors and whimsy, but it certainly expresses my feelings - which is usually not something I am comfortable admitting out loud. I am grateful for paper and glue that allow me to say what I am really feeling.

This uses a sketch from the Premium Membership at Simple Scrapper and because it is the end of the month I am allowed to share it with you.

the oh-so-silly page is the result of the latest afternoon with the little cousins. They are just so cute and the love coming over and playing with me. They are getting so big and smart ... it makes my heart ache a little knowing that when I move out I won't have these afternoons any more. 

I was inspired by Paige Evans' recent page at two peas (actually, everything she does inspires me) and so I decided to pull out all my alphas and create this fun long title which serves as my main journaling too. 

So there you have it, that's what I am missing. Did you get to create a page this week? We would love to see it. And maybe the time isn't right for you to tell this story, but come back and visit this when you are. It is a great story starter.


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