Monday, 2 March 2015

Challenge #160 week of 2nd March 2015

Welcome back this week and welcome to March. Time is flying along and I'm trying to get back on track after a somewhat chaotic month full of travels, new work and plenty of scrapping through LOAD.

But anyway, you're not here to read about all my chaos, I'm hoping you are really here for a little dollop of inspiration.

Of course, I'm still flying high after my time in the big city with our friend Pam and today's prompt comes direct to you from Fifth Avenue!

It was a very cold day but we'd been strolling up and down the avenue a few times when we both mentioned how eye-catching and inspirational this shop window was...

... and how perfect it would be for a Whimsical Musings prompt. On the second passing, I decided it was time to snap a quick piccie to share with you sometime down the line. This is that time :-)

You can also consider this a Pam prompt as I probably wouldn't have actually captured the wonderful design if I hadn't been inspired by her vision all day! I'd seen it but she was the one who mentioned it and made us stop to take a look! She's fabulous like that. So attentive, so inspirational.

So, be inspired by the colours, the circles, the patterns within the rings, the fur-pieced jacket, the light and dark, or just being on Fifth Avenue!

I think there's plenty of scope for us all, and who knows, maybe I can lure Pam out to play sometime soon!

So, take a stroll with me along that famous street and let's get creative.

We love it when you share your creations with us over at theWhimsical Musings Flickr gallery along with the tag WM#160.

(PS. did anyone notice that we missed out prompt #156? I just realised that we jumped from #155 to #157 - my brain must have been asleep that day!)

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  1. *blush* awwwwww I am so honored to be mentioned here and of course feel awful missing all the fun, but i haven't gotten back in my groove. I know I will find plenty of inspiration here for when i return. :) can't wait to see who else pays along. i already commented how much I loved your layout.


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