Monday, 29 September 2014

Challenge #139 Week of 29th September 2014

Hello and welcome!  It's Lynnette here and I'm ready to share some inspiration with you this week.  

I'm hardly up on the latest and greatest trends as my head is usually filled with hockey and skating schedules, but lately I've actually noticed one that seems to be popping up a lot in my world (even beyond scrapbooking).  Perhaps you have noticed it, too.

Geometric designs, turquoise, triangles, feathers, leather...even arrowheads!  What comes to mind here is a Southwest, Navajo, Aztec, Native American vibe.  Now, for our Whimsical Musings friends who are outside of the US,  I tried to name this style in a variety of ways.  Hopefully, one of those terms makes sense.  If not, take a look at some of my examples to get the gist.

First, it started with the purchase of this paper collection pack at Scrapbook Expo earlier in the month.

Now, I won't lie.  This collection is from last fall (See how on top of the trends I AM?!), but it caught my eye last year and I never bought it.  When I saw it again this year at Expo and it was the only one left, I knew I couldn't let it pass by.  While not my usual "go-to" pattern and design, the warm tones and natural elements really appeal to me.  I spy feathers, arrows and a zig zag design that is reminiscent of a Navajo blanket.

Even though that paper collection was from last year, I'm still spying this look.  I received this beautiful bracelet with turquoise and silver from my sister for my birthday.

There's that trend again.

And still, while shopping the other day...
Chaps Southwestern Linen Blend Sweater - Women's

this sweater with geometric designs and earth tone colors.

Are you feeling the vibe?  If you're not or want to delve deeper, I've also created a pinterest board that you can visit here to get some other examples.  Isn't it funny how when you start to notice something, it seems to then just pop up all over the place?

Your challenge this week is to be inspired by Native American design. 

You still have a few more days to enter the "Welcome Back" giveaway for September.  Any and all entries from our September prompts are eligible.  Be sure to tag this week's layout WM#139 over on our flickr group.

I'll be back later this week to show you my layout.  You can be sure I'm going to dip into that
 new-to-me Carta Bella paper pack - FINALLY!

Happy Scrapping! 

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