Monday, 1 September 2014

Challenge #135 week of 1st September 2014

Well, that was a long break wasn't it?

I'm so sorry for leaving you all hanging! But I thought that this week was perfect to come back to the fold with Monday being the first of a brand new month. And the beginning of my favourite time of year to boot! So we're back and I'm hoping we can get organised enough to be here regularly week by week for you to find a little inspiration and some close-knit community.

It's been a chaotic few months and it's not yet over but I spoke to Leslie and Lynnette and we'd all like this little corner of the internet to keep going and get back to our friendly exchanges and shares over at our Flickr gallery (here). In fact, Leslie and Lynnette will be helping me out so I know that we all look forward to seeing what prompts they create for us! It's SO good to have friends and these two are most definitely that. I think I'd have given up on WM if it hadn't been for their friendship and support. I cherish each of them and also those of you out there reading this.

Of course, we still all miss my beloved Pam but life in the Big Apple is taking up all her time and unfortunately we will just have to wait for her to come back to us! We miss you Pam. :-) But I know that you are out there thinking of us!

I know that the blog is looking a little uninspired right now which certainly isn't how I'd like it to stay. So please bear with me while I find the time to tweak and adjust things round here until things look as pretty as they should!

I've just popped over to our Flickr gallery and am thrilled to see some recent activity! Hi there to Leslie and Ali! Tickled pink to see your uploads. :-) Thanks for keeping the spirit alive.

Now, with the promise of being here more often I'd like to offer you a fresh new prompt...

Coming back after all this time, it's only appropriate that this week I ask you to be inspired by reunions! Whether it be a school, college, university or work reunion, a reunion with a long-lost love or perhaps a friend, or even a reunion with something long neglected (à la Whimsical Musings), I'm sure we can all come up with at least one memorable event to put down on paper!

This layout I shared for our 100 celebration last year was in fact a reunion of sorts. Although it was an open day to celebrate 100 years of the school building, I met up with a couple of girls I hadn't seen for more years than I care to mention!

And how about this layout which was created for a different prompt (a relationship not yet captured) but featuring what can only be called a reunion with my wonderful Filipino friend after almost 15 years!

Let's make this little comeback a great reunion of creative minds and in case you need a little incentive, I'll put up a small giveaway! Any and all entries for any prompts during September will go into the pot for a little prize!

So come on and join in! Let's celebrate a new month and a return to whimsical inspiration!

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