Monday, 20 January 2014

Challenge #119 week of 20th January 2013

For our friends stateside, today marks Martin Luther King Jr Day and I'd like to use this to direct our prompt today. Something a bit more serious perhaps than last week's inspiration from housework.

Let's take civil rights as inspiration today. There are many ways to think about this more meaty subject which cover all aspects of our life and which might deserve a reference in your scrapbooks. Of course, Martin Luther King Jr pioneered the African-Amercial Civil Rights Movement using non-violent methods. His words or work could inspire your page. Or you could look back to the 60s when it was active and consider how older generations faced and dealt with it. However, there are are so many more aspects of civil rights that could have a significance in your life and which might need a reference in your scrapbooks - rights for women's votes, religious or sexual freedom, the right to an education or workplace equality.

Martin Luther King Jr - leader of the Afro-American Civil Rights movement

Emmeline Pankhurst - leader of the British Suffragette movement

Of course, this is a heavy topic and you could just take it as a chance to record what you take for granted in life today which your parents couldn't. You could talk about what freedoms you have in your country that you might not have in other places. You could use "I have a dream" to drive your page.

We'd love to see your creations over at our Flickr gallery (here) with the tag WM#119.

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  1. i love this one! i'll try to use it soon... but i keep just focusing on the pictures i have printed. argh.


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