Friday, 11 January 2013

#71 Inspired by Goodbyes

mid-week post to try and catch up around here. It seems that the flu was more disruptive than the Holidays, but take it from me - it isn't fun being sick over the Holidays. Thankfully, health has been restored to my household and my energy is back full force.

So here are the two ideas I had when Lisa posted this prompt executed.



this was my goodbye to a full year. I did a separate project, choosing a photo I loved from each month (you can check that out over on my blog here). 
For this page, I just chose those same pictures and printed them 2x2 for an easy grid.

this second layout is more fun and whimsical. I knew the post would be due on the Sunday my best friend would be going home after a lovely holiday here with me. So I wanted to do a photo documenting our last day photos. This is a tradition (you can check out another page I have done documenting this here).  I used limited supplies and even colors but I feel the pictures pop more because of it.

Hope you had a fine time saying goodbye to the last year and are ready to take on some challenging prompts from us in 2013.

For those of us that said sad/hard goodbyes in 2012, I truly hope you receive comfort and strength to remember the good things about those times and have gratitude for the memories.


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