Monday, 5 December 2011

#16 Inspired by Birthdays

You guys, this challenge could not have come at a better time. Thank you Lisa for being so thoughtful and putting this together for our Birthdays. I cannot tell you all the amazing week I have had.

Anyway, I didn't forget you all, or my little commitment to this blog. Lisa's challenge gave me a great excuse to get that new list {yes, I was able to finish the list this week} down on paper and then scrap it.

It is one of the funnest layouts I have done in quite some time and I feel it totally represents me. If this layout is any indication of how my year will turn out, then I am anxious to see what it holds. I just used some scraps from my never dwindling pile and my Martha Stewart circle punch and just created a rainbow. I added brads in the empty spaces for interest and I think it adds a touch of whimsy. And of course, I misted the corners for extra fun. Challenge complete. Because the concept was so simple, I worked on it throughout the week adding bits here and there.

But Lisa's prompt almost had me thinking about the one thing I want to highlight from my birthdays present or past. And so today I found the time to also fit this page in. Design wise it doesn't say much nor do I love it, but the story is one of my favorites so the page gets a gold star.

From just looking at the photos, you can't tell this is my birthday and that she is cooking my birthday dinner last year. There are no balloons, cake or candles. No banners or party guests. But these pictures are as true for my birthday celebration as any other. I could have just scrapped about my grandma's gnoccis being the best or about what a great cook she is in general... but instead I told this story. And it is perfect. And this is a page I will cherish for a long time. Thank you Lisa for asking us to look past the obvious as we celebrate our days.

For the record, the gnoccis this year were exceptional. Wish you all could have come over!

Remember to add your creation to our flickr gallery and tag it with WM#16 if you played along, which I hope you did.

I will be back later with our new challenge.


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  1. Wow Pam! All that fun and still time to do two layouts? I'm impressed! I managed more than one layout this week but the others couldn't be shared but then I didn't have a week full of friends, fun and laughter! Just Kleenex and cough syrup!

    I love both these layouts and think I have to come up with a design for my list now! Of course, my list is WAY longer than yours but I love this idea and think I need to join in the fun.

    I love that we both made layouts that on the surface are not obviously birthday layouts - snap! Pam colours and Pam whimsy and Pam loveliness.

    I hope you had an awesome week and are not too sad that it's all over - I'm glad to have you "back" ;-)


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