Sunday, 4 September 2011

#5 Inspired by Anthropologie

Pam got all inspired by Anthropologie for challenge #5 and picked out a page from their internet site for us to take inspiration from. 

Whimsical Musings Weekly Challenge #5 Inspiration from Anthropologie

I thought about all sorts of different ideas for this one. Using the same photo several times with different photo effects on them, different coloured vellums, just multiple black and white copies of the same photo with one in colour, using strips of paper instead of photos but in the end, decided to just use up some of the photos I have but mute them down with standard vellum, leaving one on the top.

I like the result although I'm not sure about the bottom cluster. Pam suggested I move it up to the bottom join between the main photo and the one of the left of it and I followed her advice but don't have an updated photo. It looks much better now!

Thanks for looking!

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