Monday, 22 June 2015

Challenge #174 week of 22nd June 2015

The year is flying by and we are officially in the part of the year where, here in the northern hemisphere, the days are getting shorter again! When did that happen?

And then this morning, my Timehop app reminded me of this photo from Midsummer's Night last year where we sat outside with friends until it got dark - this photo was shot at 11.14pm - and enjoyed the balmy air that signalled the beginning of summer.

(Oh yes, and there might have been some football involved too if I remember rightly, it being the middle of the FIFA World Cup at that time...)

Now, while I may not be the biggest fan of summer - shock horror - I do love to note the passing seasons and the markers throughout the year that signal those changes. Summer Solstice is one of those and that is what I'd like to inspire you this week.

Be inspired by Midsummer's Day... or however you want to recognise/name 21st June

You could take the prompt literally and just feature what you were doing on any 21st June, or broader about the summer in general. You could talk about sitting outside in the long summer evenings, or maybe you went along to a Midsummer Party at some point. This day and night is celebrated in a big way in Sweden so that could drive your inspiration - holidays, Scandinavia or even Ikea. I think there's a lot of scope to find something that fits.

As always, we love it when you share your creations so be sure to head over to our Whimsical Musings Flickr gallery and upload your projects with the tag WM#174.

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