Monday, 16 February 2015

Challenge #159 week of 16th February 2015

Standing in for Lisa this week as she is winding down 
her visit to The Big Apple to see our Pam in the States! 

Isn't this just the picture of happiness?

I have just returned from visiting my 
sweet granddaughter & her mama, my baby.
THAT made me VERY happy!
It's LOAD month & I've been trying out some digital pages to keep up.
I fully intend to make the paper versions next month but was
 happy to be able to stay inspired & on track with the prompts. 

We got to sample a lot of Southern barbecue, which made my husband happy!

I got these coffee sleeves downstairs at our last hotel & they made me happy!

(Maybe you are having a cup of your favorite beverage 
while you are reading this, and it makes YOU happy!)

Show us what gets your happy on & upload to 
the  Whimsical Musings Flickr gallery using the tag WM#159.

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