Sunday, 8 September 2013

#101 Inspired by something you learnt

Yeah! I made a layout to a current prompt! Gosh, it's been a long time since that happened. But I knew what I wanted to make for this when I took the photo on Friday and posted it to Instagram. It's been a lot on my mind recently. In fact, just this one single photo could give me more than one lesson learnt, but that's a post for another day I think.

Here's the photo

Yes, I know I've posted about my Bowie obsession before. But here it is again.

I had a horrendous week at work with more hours worked than I could possibly imagine and just an hour or two per evening for me. I missed the "David Bowie Is..." exhibition in London but wanted some of the merchandise and I have no idea what made me suddenly think of it amongst all the chaos of the week, but I got it in my head to head over to the V&A website to order all the bits I wanted. From there I jumped to Amazon to order the exhibition book (so much cheaper than the museum shop) and while I was there, I plonked a few more items into my basket. Isn't it way too easy to do that these days? I would never have done this before Amazon days... well, maybe not. I was always a book freak even then... But I digress. After ordering, I promptly went to bed and worked my little socks off for the rest of the week. When the DHL man ran up the office steps with this box of goodies in his hand on Friday lunchtime, I could have kissed him! I tore open the box and grinned from ear to ear. Yes, this week, I most definitely earned this little treat to myself.

Lesson learnt? Sometimes, you just have to treat yourself because you deserve it. Something to remember more often as I work harder than almost ever before.

Somewhat inspired by Lynette's mini-book (see her post here) using the BG Hipster line I knew I wanted to use my August Counterfeit kit, Solitude for the layout. Whenever I think of Bowie, I have that bright orange hair in my mind, and all those 1970's colours and this kit was certainly full of product which reminded me of that. So I had lots of fun just layering and piling up all the fun bits and pieces from the collection that I dumped into my kit.

Now, all I have to do is find the time to actually open the books and read them without falling asleep after the first paragraph!

What did you learn this week? Make sure you link up your creations over at Flickr (here) with the tag WM#101. This could be a prompt to come back to over and over again. Suddenly I feel all inspired to catch up on the Shimelle class - I'm sure I can look back over the last week and come up with something per day. A whole month of layouts? I think not, but at least a list with some matching photos. Watch this space.


  1. Love all the layers and your title work. I'm glad you treated yourself this week. Sounds like life has been pretty hectic for you in general. Glad my little mini helped get you going on this one. Thanks for the shout out :)

  2. We call those "rabbit trails" when you get started on one thing online & end up in some far-removed but equally wonderful place! You are definitely right - sometimes we really have earned a treat like this :~) Good to see you scrappin' amidst the chaos. xo

  3. Wonderful layout! Love the layers! I hope this week is kinder on you :)

  4. Ground control to Major Tom....I grew old with Bowie too. Love your tribute to him and your layout looks fabulous.

  5. You and my husband have Bowie in common. I do like him too but passed on the trip to the V&A so he could enjoy it more. There has been talk of a tour but I think it's all about seeing who can throw the most money at him - fingers crossed though!
    Great layout and hope your work life slows down so you have the time to read :) x

  6. ups and downs...hate em...hope this week is the layout and all the layers (my strange addiction) the papers too! Cool thing to scrap and YES, you are deserving!


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