Sunday, 25 August 2013

Let's Celebrate - WM#100

Oh, the best laid plans.

I had high hopes of creating this week, perhaps even a layout per prompt. I thought I might make a video to share. And one or two other little things. But I know you'll know exactly what I mean when I say that life took over once again and I've been busy with my sister and her family the last three days, giving me little time to prepare as I'd wanted to. I know you'll forgive me and let me put these things on the list for another time! :-)

But what a week we've had. I was thrilled with all our WM Friends Guest Designers. Their willingness to join in, to come up with a prompt and then to create a page for us following my 100 theme made me very, very happy and I'm sure you will agree that they were fabulous. So a round of applause for all of them.

So... to Cathy




and last but no means last... Leslie


Your layouts wowed us and inspired and you all showed me how great it is to have GDs on board spreading the fun around. Something for the future...

I promised to recap on the prompts we had this week so we had :

  • Be inspired by a centenary celebration - celebrations around a centenary anniversary whether that's a person, a place, a historical event, the birth or death of someone famous of historical (or someone not so famous), the turn of a century, or even a millennium, maybe even celebrating doing something 100 times 
  • Be inspired by your top 100 - top lists of anything you love (or even don't love) - books, music, films, places, people, events, art, things to do, things you've done or places you've visited, scrapbook items, way to spend your time. The list of lists is literally endless. Or perhaps you'd like to focus on just your top 10 or top one as Cathy did, whether you use it in your design or creation, or have it as the focus of your journalling or subject of your page.
  • Be inspired by 100 items - 100 items on your page, 100 items in the journalling of your page, 100 items featured in some way in the design of your page. Think large numbers on your page or in the design of your paper or products like Michelle did, or as the main feature of your photo or journalling. Use 100 different scrap items on your page, 100 words in your journalling. I read a report sometime ago about a family who had decided to downsize - to 100 items per family member. What would your 100 things be?
  • Be inspired by the song "100 years" - create a timeline of your life, your year, your week or even your day. Think about the concept of time flying so fast - what are the things you want to capture right now? You could create a timeline for so many different topics whether it's your own life, your family's, perhaps an ancestor or a historical figure. You could think about history and create a timeline about an event, a place or even a holiday. What about your likes or dislikes over the years, your development in certain areas of your life? Or just using a timeline concept into the design of your page in some way. I know that this is one that is going on my list for sure
  • Be inspired by heading to 100 years of age - think about hopes and dreams for the future, where you are, where you've been and where you'd like to be. Think about you in relation to the other women in your family and how your life has developed in relation to them. Sherrie started thinking about this page when she thought about the longevity she can expect when looking at the ripe ages other women in her family are reaching. Think about a baby and how their life will change over the next 100 years. You could write a letter about your hopes for them. Technology changes could also be another direction to take this. When I think about my own grandmother who is now 91 and could well reach 100 as she's in relatively good health and then think back to the changes she has seen across her life, it's amazing. I could imagine talking to her about what her ideas were about heading to 100 when she was younger.  
  • Be inspired by 100% - this is such a fun prompt to take literally or in a more abstract way. What are you 100% inspired by. What is 100% in your life? You could be inspired by test scores or surveys or breaking things down into proportions. I like the idea of thinking about my daily activities and making a super trendy pie chart showing where I waste, I mean spend my time! Again, incorporating numbers is a great way to take this inspiration, if that's as a design feature or in the page subject. Think about engaging in activities 100% or creating a list of things you (100%) know. I created a page like this some years ago and have been promising myself to update it so this could be the time. Or things you want to achieve. Wish lists that are being worked through or have been finished. 
I don't know about you, but I could work on these 6 prompts for the next 100 pages in one way or another? I love the fact that we all came up with something different for the prompts and took them in different directions, even if they sound similar to begin with. 

And of course, you are interested in prizes! Who doesn't love the chance to win?

Like I said, it's busy season for us all, so you have until 16th September to create and post your layouts/projects to our Flickr Gallery (here).

For those of you using one of the 100 prompts from this week, don't forget to use the tag WM#100 (or the individual WM#100 tags listed in each post) for the chance to win this

Or go back over the previous 99 prompts found in the "Whimsical Musings Past Prompts" page tab at the top of the blog (link here) using the appropriate tag WM#XX to be in the draw for this 

Congratulations to Lynette for being the first to post a WM#100 layout in the gallery. She'll be getting something in the post as soon as I can catch my breath after our busy week. Watch your mailbox Lynette! :-)

And of course, to be inspired by other WM friends, be sure to come on over to Flickr and join in the discussion. We'd love to see you there and are always thrilled to see new followers.

I'd like to extend an extra special thank you to Lynette and Leslie who jumped on board right away when I emailed them about my ideas for this week of celebration. They both offered to help in any way they could and Lynette took on the role of WM Promoter through her blog, the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog, Scrap Happy as well as right here within our WM community, while Leslie offered plenty of motivation and also to update our previous prompt list for me and keep it up to date this week. They both offered encouragement and support and for that I am so very grateful. There has been a lot of commenting this week on the posts about the friendships that have been built through this hobby of ours and I'm so happy to have "met" these lovely ladies and become their friend. 

Each of my GDs have a place in my heart and all our WM followers are special so a big thank you to you too. You made my celebratory dream come true.

But of course, there is someone out there who deserves an extra special mention. Someone who is my BFF in the scrapbooking community. Someone without whom none of this would have happened. Pam! When Pam and I decided to do our own little daily layout challenge more than two years ago now, we loved it so much, we went on to challenge each other every week. Taking it to a sharing level seemed the next step and the Whimsical Musings blog came to life. We've had such fun inspiring you all over all those prompts and were so thrilled to find that our other "besties" in the virtual scrapbooking world wanted to join in on the fun. But without Pam's amazing talent and her ability to motivate me and make me happy, we wouldn't be here today. She is a wonderful, inspiring and loving person to have in my life and I want to take this opportunity to thank here for all she's done for me and for us.

She may be taking a creative break right now, but we all hope she'll be back with us when she can. Pam, we all miss you and and will be here for you when you return :-)

So, that's it everyone. Our 100th celebration is coming to an end. But there's still lots going on over at Flickr and that chance to win will continue for another three weeks so get creating.

Have a wonderful Sunday and see you over at Flickr!


  1. What an inspiring week - so fitting as WM's distinction is inspiration! Thank you for the honor of getting to be a Guest Designer :~) And once again - and it can't be said enough - THANK YOU Lisa & Pam for a wonderful source of thoughtful, fun, scrap-stretching challenges!

  2. are too hard on yourself! You orchestrated a wonderful week for us and if we have 3 more weeks to create, you should, too! Thank you for your time and dedication to this wonderful challenge blog. The week may be over, but the creating and inspiration just keeps on going. xoxo

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. That was a fun bunch of posts. Really enjoyed each of the contributions. Excellent summary/recap here. And I too, miss Pam.

  5. wow i am finally getting around to the blog to read everything that has been going on ... and this entry made me tear up and feel an incredible sense of love. i want to thank YOU for having inspired me as well to do this for two years and offering me your friendship. i hope to be back soon but i wanted to say you ladies are doing a fantastic job. keep up the scrappy good work. xoxo


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