Monday, 3 December 2012

Challenge #68 week of 3rd December 2012

And here we are on the last stretch before Christmas.

Pam and I have been talking about what to do this month. Everyone's busy this time of year and I know that I'm busier even than usual. So we are slowing things down a bit here on Whimsical Musings.

For once, we have collaborated on what our challenges will be each week and we decided to make them a bit lighter, somewhat easier. maybe less brain taxing! We hope you enjoy this change up and as always, join in if you can and when you can. There are no deadlines round here - we love to see what you create whenever you create it!

So, for our first prompt of the month, we decided to go with card inspiration.

Back in July, Pam and I did a daily card challenge, picking out inspiration from the 2Peas Finally Friday series. We had such fun and kept it light and easy. And got a bunch of cards ready to go whenever we need them to boot! Success all round.

One of my favourite cards was this one:

which was inspired by this one by Kristina Werner:

This was Pam's interpretation of the same card design:

And this is what I've created for you this week:

Rather than using buttons, I have a collection of wooden snowflakes that I thought added some extra texture and dimension along with the tiny jumping Rudolph in the bottom corner. Now I know I haven't changed the design of the card all that much with this one, but why change a winning design. The only thing with this is that I have to be sure this is a hand delivery card as it will cost a lot to post and the dimension might too much for the delivery system as well as the wooden pieces being too delicate.

You could create a card, use this design as inspiration for a layout, take an element of the design and incorporate it, take any of the sentiments as inspiration or maybe even one of the colour schemes.

Do share if you find time in your holiday preparations to join in over at Flickr (here) with the tag WM#68. 

Off to have another Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte now in the much anticipated red cup so have fun and see you next week!

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