Monday, 8 August 2011

Challenge #2 week of 8th August 2011

Week 2 was my turn and I decided to jump right out of the box by offering up a quote and life motto from the US Polar explorer Norman Vaughan:

“Dream Big and Dare To Fail” 

I read a lot of non-fiction and one of my favourite  subjects is polar exploration - from the era when exploration really meant  just that - early 1900's. I have quite a collection of books on the subject.  One day, when I was walking to work, I was listening to a National Geographic  podcast featuring a famous Antarctic explorer Norman Vaughan who was talking  about his upcoming 100th birthday when he was planning a trip back down to the South Pole to the mountain that had been named after him. The guy was so interesting but the bit that captured my imagination the most was when he started talking about his life motto. Right there, in the middle of the street I knew that I had discovered a life motto I could relate to... 

So, take this motto and see where it leads you, both on the page and in your life.

(If I can work out how to upload the podcast here, I will. You have to hear him. So full of life.)


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  1. Lisa, if you have not yet read them, I have to recommend to you Tisha and Ada Blackjack. Tisha was a riveting story of a young teacher in Alaska in the 1920s. Ada Blackjack was the only survivor of a failed expedition in Siberia also in the 1920s.
    It was -27C this morning, but it is not likely that I will write a northern adventure as I only go outside if absolutely necessary.


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